Datamall Chain is an open source blockchain underlying platform for global users, which aims to promote the construction of next generation Internet infrastructure and promote the development of blockchain technology. The future ecosystem of Datamall Chain mainly includes a series of products such as decentralized storage mining, DeFi, NFT, cross-chain bridge and cloud storage, and is committed to building a decentralized public chain.

Datamall Coin (DMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency issued by DMC Foundation based on the Datamall Chain. By building a decentralized marketplace through real data storage services to provide users a decentralized, efficient, secure and open storage platform. Users can enjoy the leading decentralized storage service by owning DMC and receive incentives from owning storage space, which builds a sustainable storage ecosystem.


  • Real storage

    DMC is a unique storage project on the blockchain that is designed for Web 3.0 user scenarios instead of miner perspective while our Level 1 protocol is currently compatible with that of Filecoin, and will eventually be compatible with other storage chains such as Arweave, Storj etc.

  • Higher user incentive

    Through community ecosystem service and smart contract technology, DMC encourages users to contribute their free storage space to promote our storage service and get corresponding rewards.

  • Better privacy protection

    All the stored data are segmented and encrypted before uploading. Users can't get data that do not belong to them even if they directly access the data storage device. DMC makes user data truly belong to the users themselves. 

  • Greater security

    All the stored data are distributed on the various nodes. Compared with traditional storage methods, DMC can effectively avoid both cyber security and physical risks and offer a higher level of disaster recovery.